• A scaled model is an effective communication tool instantly understood at a single glance.

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About Woods

Woods Models is driven by Clyde Woods.

Clyde first began building models during his Architectural Studies at a time when all was done by hand.

His experience in Design Development led him to focus on the model making process.

The combination of techniques developed from hand crafted models together with laser technologies will be applied to all future work where appropriate.

We are also more than happy to build models out of any material requested

Clyde's passion to design development ensures a resolved outcome is reflected in the end product

Clyde Woods

  • Services offered


    • The different types of models we build are – Architectural, Interior and topographical.

    • Price packages for multiple models.

    • The opportunity to add building and feature lighting.

    • Purpose made stands or podiums to match your office or display centre.

    Should you require us to quote on your project please do not hesitate to contact us

  • Reasons to build a model

    Communication Tool

    A well-built model is a functional and informative tool that can answer questions and solve potential problems. Revisions can be made saving developers time and money before the real building project begins. Models pay for themselves many times over for this reason.

    Model Uses

    Effective marketing tools for Trade Shows, Board rooms, Public Display, Sales Office and Presentations.

  • Requirements for a quotation

    Requirements for a quotation

    CAD-drawings, PDFs or printed drawings. Please include any renderings, plans, sections, elevations and images of the project for accuracy in quotations. Factors that influence pricing are; Model scale, model size, amount of detail, model lighting, display stand, transparent cover, transport and packaging. Models can be transported to all areas locally and Internationally

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